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This cruel practice is just not on

By East Lindsey Target  |  Posted: September 19, 2012

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IN reply to E.Owen's letter (Sept 12) defending Halal slaughtering and referral to my own letter (Sept 5), the writer mentions that the animals suffer less than in most slaughterhouses with one sharp blade across the jugular vein.

E Owen omitted to mention what happens prior to that when the animals, no doubt filled with extreme fear and pain, are winched up by their hind legs, and remain fully conscious whilst having their throats cut. Does dislocation also occur with the more heavier and struggling animal? It probably does.

It is common knowledge that animals have a heightened awareness, and those awaiting slaughter will sense death and the suffering of others. In this day and age, this unbelievably cruel practice is just not on. Apart from the main issue of animal welfare, has anyone really considered the residents and many businesses in that area and how it could greatly affect them? It seems not.

For instance, there is a diner just three metres away which is in full view of the abattoir.

There is a public footpath running alongside the building and in the past, when it was a general slaughterhouse and being in an unsuitable place, how awful it must have been for children innocently walking by, to witness the arrival of unloading of often distressed animals and to smell the dreadful odour from the building.

At times they could be heard screaming not only by those working in businesses close by, but even by the residents on the nearby housing estate.

How much worse with a Halal slaughterhouse and knowing what cruelties are taking place inside.

Briony Lill,


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  • mickeymouse99  |  October 05 2012, 7:56PM

    AS Ive pointed out in another post, the main reason to oppose Halal is that the licensing money for Halal butchers goes almost entirely to the Moslem Brotherhood and is used directly to fund islamic terrorism against us.