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National Front plans 'peaceful' protest against Halal slaughterhouse in Skegness

By East Lindsey Target  |  Posted: September 05, 2012

  • A Halal slaughterhouse has been planned for Skegness

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CAMPAIGNERS against a Halal slaughterhouse in Skegness say they will not support a political demonstration due to be held later this month.

The National Front has planned what it claims will be a 'peaceful' demonstration in the town centre on September 15, to 'educate' people about the procedures used.

Alford woman Tess Turner has been leading a campaign against the abattoir opening because of her concerns over animal welfare but says she will not support a political march on the issue.

She has started a number of online petitions and Facebook page, Say NO to Halal slaughter in Skegness.

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Tess told the Target: "The reason I started the campaign page was nothing to do with politics and race, it's just an animal welfare point of view.

"I knew the demo was taking place and said I wouldn't be able to take part unless it was just to do with the slaughterhouse and no political banners etc.

"Obviously they are doing it from a political point of view so I have told them I won't be involved.

"I'm just an ordinary person that doesn't want to see this place open. I've found out so much since starting, 70 per cent of meat we buy in this country is Halal meat."

The slaughterhouse on Heath Road has not yet opened and the Target has been unable to contact anyone involved with it.

Under Islamic law, to be classed as Halal animals for slaughter must be healthy and uninjured at the time of death, although some Muslim authorities accept forms of stunning beforehand that can be guaranteed not to kill the animal.

Animals are then killed by severing the neck arteries and jugular vein.

National Front deputy chairman, Kevin Bryan, said: "We are completely against plans for a Halal slaughterhouse in Skegness and plan to hold a demonstration in the town on the 15th and will also be handing out leaflets.

"It's pointless having the demonstration outside the slaughterhouse as we want to be seen so it will be held possibly just off Lumley Road.

"Obviously people need educating on how cruel Halal slaughter is, the Qur'an doesn't allow for animals to be stunned first and we want to educate people.

"We want to hold a peaceful demonstration and want the public to be alerted to the evils of halal slaughter. We will have our own stewards on the day and can give a guarantee there will be no trouble."

In a joint statement Lincolnshire Police and East Lindsey District Council said they were aware of the planned demonstration.

They said: "The police and council are actively looking to engage in dialogue with the organisers to establish the objectives of the demonstration to make sure that it is able to take place peacefully and within the confines of the law.

"This should take place with minimal disruption to the town's residents and visitors.

"We respect any organisation's democratic right, but safety remains a priority and any breaches of the law will be dealt with robustly."

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  • MickG  |  September 20 2012, 7:18PM

    Im not a veggie Taff.One thing I do have is compassion for other animals.Im sure some of the people were there because they have an irrational hatred of muslims.But I am positive people were there because they have compassion for animals.Apart from any philosophical argument.We are in the United Kingdom.Some people still call it Great Britain.Whatever happened to the rule of law.Its the law of the land that we are not to evil towards animals.That law dont apply to two sections of the people living in Britain.The two of them have a barbaric ritualistic way of slaughtering animals.If they apply their methods to a backward desert religion in a backwards desert.They would be right at home.Just dont let them do it in 21st century Britain.

    |   5
  • Taffboy72  |  September 17 2012, 2:18PM

    Oh dear MickG I don't think you got round to saying if the protesters were vegetarians or vegans. I have a strange feeling that most if not all of them ain't, and I don't think it's just indigestion. I don't need lecturing on animal welfare thanks, and I am active in the movement as well as financially supportive - and none of my motivation comes from dislike of groups of humans causing me to posture. Lots of people support animal sanctuaries, lots of people oppose all kinds of cruelty. What that has to do with nationalism is anyone's guess. Best wishes yourself.

    |   -5
  • MickG  |  September 17 2012, 1:36AM

    Oh dear boy taff.The National Front have been campaigning against ritual slaughter for over 30 years.They were also very active in the animal liberation front over 30 years ago.Some of them are volunteers at my local horse sanctuary.If you are bothered you could find your local horse sanctuary and offer to help out.Winter is coming and people are abandoning their horses because they are skint.If you dont want to help out.Consider giving them a donation.Horse feed costs money and the people that run these sanctuarys dont get paid and actually pay for horse feed with their own money.Best wishes.

    |   3
  • Taffboy72  |  September 13 2012, 6:21PM

    Have I missed something. Are these "14 words" patriots all vegan activists or something? If so they will know full well that the meat and dairy industries are replete with horrors at least as bad as halal and kosher killing, and will surely see them protesting against proposed mega-dairies in Lincolnshire. But it might just be that they are disgusting band waggon hypocrite racists, cynically trying to appropriate the suffering of animals for their own ends. The demo may be "peaceful" in legal terms. NF forums and pages are replete with incitement, hatred and fantasies of civil war. They are even to the right of Breivik and use the same lexicon as The Sikh Temple shooter in Wisconsin. Anyone who thinks they give a damn for animal rights may wish to contact me about a bridge I have for sale.

    |   -4
  • Fritz  |  September 09 2012, 8:37PM

    Well done Tess, it's about time the British stood up and protested against this evil practice. We are supposed to have laws against animal cruelty in this country, what's happened to them! I left Leeds 20 years ago to get away from this back door degradation of our British way of life being rammed down my throat, but it looks like its caught up with me and I am appalled.

    |   7