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Firm shapes Trinidad development strategy

By East Lindsey Target  |  Posted: October 27, 2012

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Planners from Lincoln have been appointed to prepare for an overhaul of the infrastructure in Trinidad and Tobago.

Experts at Globe Consultants, based in Westgate, Lincoln, will complete the highly complex project over the next five months.

The work will help to address the significant economic issues facing the small Caribbean nation and prepare it for a major shift in its key industrial sectors.

Oil and gas resources have enabled the country to become one of the wealthiest states in the region.

But its supplies are expected to deplete substantially over the next ten to 15 years.

The work will provide guidelines on new infrastructure, where development should take place and the form of new projects.

Steve Kemp, a director at the company, explained the country had commissioned the plan to ensure new developments complemented its changing economy.

He said: "With big socio-economic and environmental issues still to be tackled, the big challenge is to restructure, economically, socially, and physically, to prepare for a world without plentiful and cheap carbon-based fuels, and probably with a much more volatile and potentially problematic climate too."

Globe Consultants (International) will lead the project with the help of staff from the related Westgate firm and Globe Consultants (Caribbean), based in Trinidad.

The team begun working on the 18-week project on October 3 after the country marked 50 years of independence from Britain.

It is the first national plan the country has commissioned since 1984.

Mr Kemp believes the fact the country is addressing the issue of a life with limited fossil fuels could lay the foundations for a bright future.

"I feel even more privileged now to be leading a team that is helping to plan the next stages in this amazing country's development," he said.

"Trinidad and Tobago is not big – almost 1.4 million people in an area just a bit smaller than Lincolnshire.

"But geographically, culturally and economically it is incredibly diverse and I believe that in its own way it could well be a world leader in the next few decades.

"One reason for this is that this small country is having to face up now to serious challenges that we will all be having to tackle over the next few decades."

The government of Trinidad and Tobago is now investing in a range of sustainable alternatives to an oil and gas driven economy.

And Globe's work will incorporate these policies.

The country is improving its education by pumping money into its two universities, schools and colleges and is strengthening agriculture to provide food security.

The nation is also reviewing its approach to transport and travel by developing shipping sectors to take advantage of its location close to the world's busiest cargo routes.

Tourism and the environment on both islands are also key focuses.

Mr Kemp thinks the process being undertaken by the twin-island state is one that could be repeated in other parts of the world.

He said: "The solutions will differ from country to country but I believe that the process of planned restructuring on which Trinidad and Tobago has now embarked is one that most, probably all, countries will be needing to replicate soon."

Adding to Globe's family of companies, Globe Consultants (Caribbean) Limited was set up in the region this summer.

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